Grandma’s Restaurant(grandma is to my right)

When I was growing up my grandma Garshwiler owned a restaurant in the little town of Bippus, Indiana. She was known for her pies and they were delicious. She was also known as an excellent cook. She only served lunch, but the place was always busy. Her clientele were mostly the local farmers and business

Conversations at the Pie Cart.

As a home based vendor I can only sell my pies at a Farmers Market or my roadside stand. When I first started my business I had a table in the driveway and that was my roadside stand.  It didn’t take long before I wanted something a little easier to use. I didn’t want to

Pie For All Occasions

When I was growing up pie was for Sunday dessert. Not anymore. Pie has made a comeback in a big way and it is now the go to for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, and just because.  I have done several weddings and I always hear, “Everyone loved your pies!” Pie is nostalgic. I think it

Small Town Life

I grew up in the small town of Bippus, Indiana, population of about 400. It had a restaurant, 2 gas stations, a grocery store, a furniture store, a feed mill, 2 churches, a post office and lots of wonderful people. I have so many fond memories there and am thankful that’s where my roots are.