In Person Presentation For a Group OF ANY SIZE

Fee: $120 

Fee Covers:

My Pie Journey presentation and 1-3 pies,(my choice) depending on the number attending.  More pies are available for purchase if needed. I include stories of my life as a pie baker and who influenced me. I share a lot of tips on how to make a pie crust easy for everyone. I share how I came to write my cookbook and what all that entailed. I do a pie crust demo, which is somewhat hands on. I like to make sure everyone  knows what a good pie crust should feel like. I share the utensils I use that make rolling out and cutting pie dough a breeze. I offer troubleshooting tips and encourage lots of questions. The more the merrier at an event like this. I have found people enjoy coming together and learning about pies. The fee also includes my travel time and miles. 

My travel distance would be up to 40 miles one way.                                           

If this sounds like something you are interested in, I would love to come and share an evening with you and your friends. Please reach out to me for questions and to schedule an available date. Carlene at or call 260-224-7992.