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Bake right along with me!

Enjoy 22 of my favorite pie recipes, with everything you need to know to produce drool-worthy pies in your own kitchen.

Written to bring out the inner Pie Lady in everyone, I’m sharing all of my tips and tricks for novices and pie-pros alike that I’ve learned from a lifetime of pie making – and pie eating.


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Customer Review

Disclaimer: My secret sugar cream pie recipe is not included, but I love the one that is and it is just as delicious!

This book is amazing! Carlene’s pies are the best I’ve ever tasted and I can’t wait to make them at home. This really is the perfect format for a cookbook. Carlene gives an explanation of essential tools and their purpose at the beginning. All of Carlene’s best pie recipes follow. Including the amazing Sugar Cream Pie. The book has spiral binding so the pages stay open to the recipe you want. Glossy finish that cleans easily when you get a little too messy with the flour or filling. A beautiful picture of what you’re baking on the left. A concise, easy-to-follow single-page recipe on the right. No more grease-stained falling apart cookbooks. No more using pie crust-covered fingers to swipe an iPad that keeps going to sleep while you’re mixing. No more scrolling through some blogger’s 22 paragraph story about her trip to a delightful bed and breakfast in Martha’s Vineyard last summer before getting to some subpar recipe they cribbed from Allrecipes. This book is the real deal. Carlene Gradeless Staller has knocked it out of the park with this one.

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