Fresh Peaches

I have to tell you, I don’t think there is anything much better than Fresh Peaches. My favorite peach is a Red Haven. I’ve tried a few other varieties, and some are better than others, but you can’t go wrong with a Red Haven Peach.

There are so many ways to use them. Of course, with my business I always love to share my Fresh Peach Pie, you just can’t beat it. During the off season, which unfortunately is about 11 1/2 months, I settle and have to use frozen peaches. They make a good pie, but not a GREAT PIE.

I love to eat fresh peaches with my oatmeal in the morning. Juicy, fresh peaches, it’s what I live for.

I was talking with my good friend Linda last night and she told me she had made some peach dumplings. I made them years ago and I need to make some again. I mean you really can’t go wrong with anything made with fresh peaches.

Here are a few suggestions: Peach Pie, Peach Dumplings, Peaches put in a smoothie, Peaches with your cereal, Peach Sugar Cream Pie, Peach Cobbler, Peach Crisp (another of my favorites), Peaches with cream (yum, I had some last night), Peaches all by themselves.

Ok, now you have no reason to be at a loss of what to do with some delicious fresh Peaches if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some. Oh I hope you do.

Say Yes To The Fresh Peach!

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