Orchard Apples

I love getting apples at the orchard and I’m looking forward to getting these wonderful Cortland apples in September. I think they make the best pies. Unfortunately the season is short lived and I don’t have enough refrigerator space to buy as many as I would like. I will be freezing them again this year so I have them on hand for all the Dutch Apple pies I make in the fall and for Thanksgiving. I’m so happy they are an apple that freezes well.

When they are gone then I will go to my 2nd choice which is Macintosh. I can usually get them at the store through March or April. After that I’m not baking apples pies. I know many others use different kinds and bake all year round, but I’m a little picky about my apples. I won’t make something that I don’t feel is up to my standards for what makes a Great Apple Pie.

I guess you could call me an apple snob. That’s ok, I’m pretty sure someone, somewhere has called me worse, lol.

Apples usher in the beginning of fall and I love all the sights and smells of that time of year. I love to smell leaves burning, I know many don’t, but it reminds me of being a little girl and raking all our leaves and jumping in them. When we were done playing in them then we would burn them by the side of our little alley we lived on. Even thinking of it now almost brings a tear to my eyes of days that were filled with so much happiness.

I look forward to making Apple Pies and Apple Dumplings for my wonderful customers and family. The aroma of apples and cinnamon and brown sugar baking in the oven is just, well it’s beyond words.

Fall is coming and I hope you are ready for some really great Apple goodness in whatever form it takes.

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