My Mom

I grew up in a single parent home. I had 2 older brothers, an older sister and my grandmother who also lived in the same small town . My mom was such a hard worker. She was a nurse and I know she made a big difference in the lives of those she took care of.

In our small town she did many things for neighbors who needed assistance with different medical conditions. She gave allergy shots and insulin shots and was always glad to help. In all my years growing up I don’t really remember being at the Dr. very often. Mom always fixed us up and we would be as good as new.

My mom worked in the hospital most of the time when I was growing up. She also worked for a Dr. and ended her career working in a nursing home. My mom sacrificed so much for us growing up. She really didn’t have any kind of a social life, her kids were the most important thing to her.

I remember as a young girl my older brother Dave was in a very bad motorcycle accident his senior year of high school. He was in the hospital for 9 weeks and mother only came home twice. My grandma and older brother Alan took care of us and my mom slept at the hospital every night. Sometimes I think knowing what she knew as a nurse made it harder for her.

My mom was a wonderful example of strength and perseverance. I remember we always went to the lake for a week in the summer. It was just a little place, on a little lake, but we always looked forward to it. One year my mom was sick with pneumonia and she still insisted that we go. I remember my brother carrying her to the car and off we went. She spent the whole week sick in bed, but she was determined we were going to be at the lake like we always did.

I’m sure you can tell from what little bit that I have shared that my mom loved her kids fiercely. She was a great mom.

My mom passed away in 2007 and left a legacy of love and devotion to our family. Love you mom

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