Pie For All Occasions

When I was growing up pie was for Sunday dessert. Not anymore. Pie has made a comeback in a big way and it is now the go to for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, and just because.  I have done several weddings and I always hear, “Everyone loved your pies!”

Pie is nostalgic. I think it reminds people of going to grandma’s house, and all the good food she prepared. I’ve made pies for class reunions and family reunions. I just did pies for my best friend who reached the milestone of 50 years of marriage. All 9 of her children came home to celebrate with their families in tow. My gift to her was pie. Again, it was a big hit. Sadly pie has been somewhat of a lost art. I’m hoping with my cookbook coming out soon I can help people realize they really aren’t that hard to make. Knowing a few tricks and having the right utensils makes all the difference in the world. Pie really is an all occasion dessert and boy oh boy aren’t we glad it is.

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