Baking, Baking, Baking

This seems to be all I have been doing lately. I’m spending a lot of hours perfecting and getting baking times just right for the cookbook.  Some of the recipes are ones I’ve been making for years and some are new ones that I have been experimenting with.

I’m excited for the baking and baking and baking to be done so I can move on to getting the recipes into book format. This is all on top of my regular baking for customers.

Now you might ask what is she doing with all those pies. We are inviting friends over and social distancing out in the yard as we enjoy them. I took 5 to a family gathering at our daughter Vanessa’s last Sunday. It was so nice to be with everyone. It was the first gathering we have had since Christmas and I loved it. We were all outside and it was such a beautiful day. 

I made 2 pies today and took them to Macy’s house. Just to give you an idea of how many pies are getting sampled, the grand kids no longer yell, Grandma’s here, they have resorted to just screaming PIE!!!! I love it.

The goal is to have the cookbook ready for printing by the first of September.  Hopefully I can keep things moving along and it will be in my hands and ready to sell by Oct.1st

If you happen to live close to me you just might be the lucky recipient of baking day samples. Yum!!!

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