Lemon Curd


 I hope you have lemon curd in your life. If not, hopefully you will after reading this. I love lemon, but this is like lemons made in heaven. I just can’t describe the rich, lemony, velvet this is. You have to taste if for yourself.

It is so easy to make. Please don’t go to the store and pay an exorbitant price for something you can whip up with what you have in your kitchen. You may not have fresh lemons, and if you don’t, use the bottled stuff.  Oh I can see the purists out there ready to silence me for whispering the words, bottled lemon juice, but it’s ok, really, this stuff is so good the bottled juice can’t hurt it. It’s like it has magical powers.

I made some this evening to experiment on a pie I want to include in the cook book and Oh my, after pouring it in the container to put in the refrigerator I was literally scraping every ounce I could off the side of the pan to eat. If I could have put my head in that pan, well, let’s just say I would have needed a shampoo when I was done.  I almost cried when I realized there was no more lemon curd for me to lick out of the pan.

I will have to wait for it to cool and finish the pie tomorrow and then I’m gonna serve Ross and I each a small piece and my eyes will roll with delight. I know then I will have to take it and share with friends. I won’t be able to trust myself to be in the same house with that luscious, delectable Lemon Curd.

Eggs, sugar, lemon juice, butter and some lemon zest. That is some pretty basic stuff there, but when you mix it together, you create something so amazing, it will likely have the angels singing. Lemon Curd, embrace it and make it a part of your life.

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