Grandma’s Restaurant(grandma is to my right)

When I was growing up my grandma Garshwiler owned a restaurant in the little town of Bippus, Indiana. She was known for her pies and they were delicious. She was also known as an excellent cook. She only served lunch, but the place was always busy. Her clientele were mostly the local farmers and business owners in town.

 She would always have a special with meat, potatoes and a side or you could order hamburgers and fries.  She made fountain cokes and phosphates. Cherry, was my favorite.  She carried ice cream and made her milkshakes to order. It was just Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry, simple flavors, but they were so good. She had a big candy counter that I would stand and gaze at, hoping for a treat.  Of course she always let us pick something. I remember Teaberry and Clove gum, Slowpoke suckers and big long Pixie Stixs made of paper. She had a bench in front of the restaurant and I can remember sitting on it eating some piece of candy, and just watching all the people going to the bank or the gas station or walking into the restaurant.

 It was a fun time being at grandma’s restaurant and hearing all the conversations going on. Grandma was 65 years old when she started her business and she had it for 10 years. She had no experience in the restaurant business, but she had a desire and knew she could offer a good product. I was a little younger, more like 57, when I started my business and like her I knew I had a good product.

 Grandma taught me that you are never to old to shoot for the stars. That’s what I did and I’m so glad I’m living my dream.

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