Mother of 5

 I am the mother of 5 children. Our oldest is a son, Ben, and then we had 4 girls, Macy, Natalie, Vanessa, and Whitley.  Needless to say they are all very different, and yet very much alike.

  I feel very fortunate because being a mom was really what I wanted to do. Ross worked very hard so I could stay home and raise our children.  I never felt like I gave up anything. I know that lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it certainly was for me.

  My children learned at an early age that they had to help around the house. Did they like it, not really. They were like most other kids and complained, and I would get upset, but at the end of the day, I think for the most part, we went to bed still loving each other. We didn’t always like each other, but love was there. I can’t tell you how many times I heard,”the only reason you had 5 kids was so they would do all the work”. Kids, ya gotta love em!

I was with my daughter’s tonight and it was pretty amusing listening to them talk about trying to get their kids to do the same things they hated as a child. Who says parents don’t get rewards, lol

I have to honestly say, my kids are the people I like being around the most. We laugh so hard, we finish each other’s sentences at times and we just genuinely get along. I’m very thankful none of my kids like DRAMA. Now please don’t think we are perfect, ha ha, far from it. All families are flawed, and that’s ok. It gives us something to work on, something to try to make better. We do our best, and in the end that’s all we can do.

I love my family and wouldn’t trade all the ups and downs for anything, because at the end of the day, these are the kids I was given to help me become a better person.

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