As I was baking this morning I thought to myself, is there any such thing as the perfect pie? I hadn’t really thought about it before, but for some reason that thought popped into my mind as I was rolling out some pie dough.

There are many different recipes for pie crust, and everyone thinks the one they use is the best.  There are plain crusts and some that may have taken hours to produce. There are simple fillings that have been around for years and there are exotic flavors that I would have never dreamed of in a million years.  

There are beautiful pie plates to bake them in and there are ones that are so old your grandma may have used them. There is fresh fruit right off the tree, and fruit that has been flash frozen.  There is the pie that is so beautiful you don’t want to cut it, and then there is the one that you’ve patched the pieces in and the fruit has bubbled out all over.

I’m not sure the perfect pie is the same thing to everyone, but for me, it’s all about freshness and flavor. I readily admit to people my pies are not the prettiest, but they are ABSOLUTLY DELICIOUS.  The crust is flaky and the filling is juicy. Sometimes it’s a little to juicy, but that is the nature of fruit. 

I want a pie that looks like my grandma made it, not one that is magazine worthy. I want a pie that was baked the day I eat it, not one that has been in the refrigerator for days.  I want MY pie, because to me it really is the perfect pie. I have been called a pie snob before and in all reality I am.

When you have been eating pie as long as I have and when you come from a long line of bakers, It’s just kinda written into your DNA. I hope you will go forth and bake some pies and figure out what the Perfect Pie is for you. What a fun and tasty journey you will be embarking on.

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